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The National Shooting Association (NSA) has its activities focused on assisting the busy but enthusiastic hunter and/or sport-shooter who cannot always participate in the usual structured activities presented by other highly respected hunting and sports-shooting associations in South Africa.  NSA members participate in NSA hunting and sports-shooting related activities as their time allows them,  and where it is easiest for them to partake in said activities. 

At NSA our administrative communications are all done electronically and all our processes can be completed on line through our website (members` documents and shooting registers are always available on their personal pages on the website - see members` logon button at top of home page).  The speed and quality of service delivery is thus highly enhanced; be that for membership applications, enrolling for and completion of our dedicated status courses or for endorsements requested for firearm licence applications.

In-House postal target shooting events and the Annual National Postal Target Shooting Competition for all calibres of handguns and of hunting rifles, as well as for most calibres of semi-auto rifles/carbines are presented in a user friendly format - from the small air rifle and .22lr rimfire to the outsize .50 Barret - no specialised firearm is needed. 

The NSA postal target shooting procedures allows members to partake in NRA(USA) derived and linked prescribed shooting exercises on their own time on shooting ranges of their own choice without having to be bound by organised shooting activities which are directed by time and place.  By logging their own scores on their personal pages and sending targets to the office for ratification of scores, members build up records of participation for submission at application for, or at renewal of firearm licences - while at the same time doing something they can enjoy as a whole family.

NSA is a SAPS Accredited Hunting and a SAPS Accredited Sports-shooting Association.  In this capacity NSA may award its members with dedicated hunter and/or dedicated sports-person status.  NSA’s Dedicated Award Scheme conforms to the prescripts of the Firearms Control Act of 2000 and has formaly been approved by the Central Firearms Registry (SAPS) (see the link to Dedicated Status - left side Menu). 

Please note that NSA`s dedicated courses conform to high standards and are not easier than those of other accredited associations.  It is only the processes which may be easier to complete as members may enrol for and complete the courses at their own time and whenever they choose to do so (members thus determine the time it takes them to complete the courses).

As SAPS accredited hunting association, NSA has representation on the Hunters` Forum, and on the Hunters-SAPS Consultative Forum, since the inception of these bodies.  These bodies consider all matters regarding firearms for hunters in accordance with the prescripts of the Firearms Control Act of 2000.  

NSA also has representation on the Hunting and Wildlife Associations of South Africa (HAWASA); a body consisting of hunting and wildlife ranching associations in South Africa, as well as representation on the Wildlife Forum; a Department of Environmental Affairs consultative forum pertaining to conservation and the management of the hunting and the wildlife sector in this country.

NSA offers applicable assistance to its members in matters pertaining applications for firearm licences, and applicably issue endorsement for all firearm licence applications as and when members apply for same.

NSA is internationally affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA-USA).